Ilya Lukashev Mixing
Mixing is much more than just a technical process. It's about controlling the music while preserving the emotional and dynamic aspects.
The main objective of mixing is finding the right balance
I'm a mixing engineer located in Moscow, Russia. I mix a lot of modern music in various genres including music for movies. My mixing setup is hybrid, I use some analog gear when needed, but who cares? The only important thing is music and the fact that recalls and fixes are fast and painless.
Modern mixing requires direct communication between the engineer and the artist. No managers in between.
I have all the necessary software and high end gear including a state of the art monitoring system which makes achieving the right result way faster.
Mixing is not just a technical process. It's a blend of art and technology. I'm always open to any interesting ideas and will find an artistic solution for you if required.
Emotions and depth
is what we are looking for
Finding a good mixing engineer is like
finding the right designer for your house. He will do his best to help you achieve your targets using all the experience and knowledge he has.
should sound the way the artist intended
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